Products and Services

Services for the most modern GE engines

The modern XEOS engine facility handles the overhaul of the latest GE engines, the GEnx and - later on - the GE9X. XEOS has full capability for the GEnx turbofan engine, including scheduled shop visits, power improvement programs, performance restoration shop visits and the full overhaul work scope. At the time of the planned entry into service of the Boeing 777X by the end of 2020, XEOS will be in a position to support GE9X engine operation from day one.

The capacity offered by XEOS will be increased gradually over the coming years to up to 220 shop visits annually – this corresponds to a total working time of around 800,000 hours each year. The engines will be disassembled, cleaned, inspected and diagnosed fully at XEOS right down to the piece part level. 

  • GEnx-2B illustration
    Since start of production in April 2019, XEOS has full capability for the GEnx turbofan engine.
  • GE9X illustration
    XEOS will be able to support GE9X engine operation from day one.
Cleaning and inspection

XEOS is equipped with a state-of-the-art, full automatic cleaning line and a non-destructive testing area, where all removed parts are measured and inspected in accordance with the OEM manual procedures. This includes measurement on a 3D computer-aided measurement machine (CMM), a fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) line and magnetic particle inspection (MPI) equipment. 

World class parts repair

As a joint venture of Lufthansa Technik and GE Aviation, XEOS is directly connected to GE's worldwide repair network and has direct access to the repair capabilities of Lufthansa Technik. This ensures world class engine parts repair services based on decades of experience. Using OEM approved tooling and equipment technology, the engine re-assembly with local, expertly trained and qualified assembly mechanics guarantees that the engines are re-build to the highest quality standards and in accordance with the OEM procedures. 

In-house repair capabilities

XEOS will also ramp up in-house repair capabilities from the outset to increase flexibility, reduce logistics costs and support the connected networks. CNC machines for milling, turning and grinding are available at XEOS for dimensional repairs and to produce exact clearances between matching components in the assembly process. More complex repairs requiring source approval by the OEM will be added subsequently to the portfolio.