Vision and values

Responsibility for the environment, staff and the region

Lufthansa Technik and GE Aviation have realized their vision for a state-of-the-art engine overhaul facility with XEOS. In addition to the latest technologies, the companies focus on the use of efficient processes and modern organizational principles, highly qualified staff and responsible dealings with the environment. 

  • GEnx vision
    XEOS will focus on the use of efficient processes and modern organizational principles.
21st century infrastructure

Business today means more than return on investment. It is also about concern for the welfare and health of future generations. The technologies used in the new XEOS facility are therefore a prime example of 21st century infrastructure: quiet, low emissions, environmentally friendly and safe for the local communities. Environmental protection issues especially are of top priority for the investors and the new facility has been planned and developed in compliance with this approach. 

Optimum working conditions

XEOS offers its employees a modern and attractive working environment with the strictest standards in relation to occupational safety and qualification. A stable workforce with long-term prospects is one of the keys to the company's success. Using modern working processes and lean production methods, XEOS encourages its employees to work independently. Moreover, XEOS collaborates closely with the universities in the region in order to develop new methods and drive innovations. 

Opportunities for the region

The Legnica Special Economic Zone in Środa Śląska was chosen as the most suitable region for the XEOS facility thanks to its development potential, economic competitiveness and government support as well as by virtue of both its highly-skilled and versatile workforce and its infrastructure. The development of such a large and technologically advanced facility brings a range of opportunities to the local communities in the area. Not only will the project bring jobs for around 600 people, it also acts as a catalyst for associated business.