Modernity / Excellence / Possibilities


Thomas Böttger

XEOS Managing Director of Business

“Without mission, there’s no purpose. Without vision, there’s no destination. Without values, there are no guiding principles. When mission, vision and values aren’t clear, it’s easy to lose focus, get off track, and pursue the wrong goals. In October 2018, just few weeks before moving into the new facility, we met to put in words who we are, and moreover – who we aim to be – as XEOS team.

Stefan Schmuck

XEOS Managing Director of Operations

“I look at vision as the dream we all need. Dreams are what make life exciting and interesting. Our mission helps clarify why we exist. Sharing core values makes life much easier. I strongly believe that these powerful statements, designed by a group of people which reflected the diversity of our company, will help us to grow, work together, learn from each other and leave a significant footprint in aviation industry.”