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It’s about emotions, having real impact on the world and people around us.

Adrenaline and love for aviation. Every day.

#teamxeos – in the heart of aviation. We offer you a unique opportunity to work in the MRO industry with the most modern engines and technologies.


  • work in an environment of innovation and modern technologies with state-of-the art aircraft engines
  • safety, quality and the highest work standards
  • international, modern and varied work environment
  • responsibility for our employees, natural environment and region in which the company operates
  • modern work organization model – responsible tasks and a high level of independence at work
  • competitive remuneration
  • attractive benefit scheme (private health care, life insurance, sport club membership)
  • relocation packages and other employee programs


Describe your professional profile on our recruiting platform and let us invite you for the recruiting process to XEOS Team.

Individual job offers are released gradually and we encourage you to create your profile on our platform, even if your competences do not match our open job positions. Thanks to this we will be able to contact you and offer you a fitting position in our Team in the future, whenever such opportunity arises.



The company’s budget for staff training amounts to 15 mln USD and includes its own Training Center.

The XEOS Training Center was opened in June 2017. It consists of a theoretical training area (600 sqm) and a practical training area (2500 sqm). The practical training area is an engine overhaul mini workshop for disassembly and assembly of engines geared with highly specialized equipment, thanks to which we were able to achieve exactly the same standards and conditions as in the real plant.
The XEOS training program is built by following systematic, step by step processes, building competent Engine Mechanics. Our training program is built for Training Teams of little or moderate aviation knowledge, but also has the flexibility to be tailored for individuals of varying experience in the field of Aviation. Each course is taught to Part 147 standard with exams at the end of each theory course and assessments after each practical training.

In total, the training lasts 15 months, 9 months of theory and practical training, with 6 months of on the job training. This unique program guarantees that XEOS is able to build its professional workforce despite challenges that aviation industry meets in terms of recruitment and human resources.